Sample Sunkenbranch Album - learn the tricks and fun of navigating your Gallery CD, and questions and answers.
Revision 12/5/11.

If you choose to buy a Gallery CD, the sample album gives you an idea of what it would look like. The sample album consists of some favorite photos from the Sunkenbranch archives.
You can see the controls for navigating through the menus and pictures.
Thumbnails and filename info can be turned on or off as needed. Filenames are turned on by default to assist you in knowing what picture you are on, should you decide to order prints from Sunkenbranch's Zenfolio storefront.
The standard CD will likely be a plain unlabeled blank CD, just like you would make yourself at home. It will be housed in a slim plastic protective case. Your event will be pulled out of the hard drive archives and burned onto a CD for you. If you have a favorite image from the event you are purchasing a CD for, EMAIL LEO (leos at sunkenbranch dot com) and let him know which filename it is. Part of it can be the top image in the album.

The index page has the main picture and thumbnail pictures below it. Just to the right of the thumbnails is a hard to see slider control to view more of the thumbnails. You can drag that slider up and down as needed.
Below the bottom row of thumbnails will be a web address to the online gallery, should you wish to buy prints or enlargements.

Clicking on a picture advances to the next picture.
You can use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate also.
In the upper right of the screen is an icon to start or stop some music. By default it is turned off.

There will be one additional control on a CD that you purchase, it is an Up Arrow in the upper left of your CD's index page.
This will take you to the folder with the images.

How does the SunkenBranch Gallery CD price compare to the Big Name Sports Photo retailer?
(hint: their name sounds like Maximum strenth hemorrhoid medicine, without the H)
Their 800 pixel download price for **ONE** image is $11.99 and you don't get it on a CD.

So, for close to that same price you are getting anywhere from some to over a thousand images, and even if your person of interest is in only 5 pictures, look at what a bargain the SunkenBranch Gallery CD is.

If you like what you get, lobby to get Sunkenbranch to be an alternative team photo provider for your team this coming year.
And be your Senior Portrait guy.
You deserve a choice in quality and price. Tell your coach and school.

*****   QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE GALLERY CD  **********************************************************************************
Q - What size are the images on the standard Gallery CD?  800 pixels on the long side.
A 1024 pixel Gallery CD is a more expensive option.

Q - How come you don't make the pictures bigger? Because I want to sell you prints and other goodies. Everyone wants things for free. That stadium cheeseburger and game program weren't free for me or you. If a thing has value, it has some cost. The CD's aren't pre-burned laying in a stack here waiting to be sold. They take time to make, and each one will be CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU. 

Q - What is the difference between the Gallery on your Zenfolio site and the CD I buy?  The CD you buy will not have watermarks on the pictures, and you are able to email or use the pictures on your own personal site or Facebook or whatever. The CD is intended to also serve as a "PROOFS" disk and is not intended for printing. It gives you a clear preview of what you might want in prints and enlargements.  Unlike many Professional proof disks, the quality is not intentionally degraded.

Q - What are the limitations of use of the pictures? The images are for PERSONAL USE and NOT for RESALE.  You cannot get clever and Re-market the images.  You are not authorized to take the CD and burn off a stack of them for your team.  Be the hero on the field, not in the piracy business. I can't stop you from doing bad things but there is that thing called karma. Do the right thing when no one is looking.

Q - Will you spend 15 hours editing the pictures so that every one is perfect if I buy a CD?  No. I actually did that on the earlier galleries and you may not have noticed. I did that to set myself apart from the competition. Some galleries still need that much attention to get them marketable.  That is why I take so long sometimes to get them uploaded.  Now is your chance to take advantage of my generous attention to detail with the many more shots I offer compared to the competition.

Q - So those pictures on the CD with redeye from flash, if I buy prints, will you edit that out?  YES.  If you buy prints, I take the time to review each file again for improvements.

Q - What if I wanted to buy all the original images from a Gallery, full size, what would such a thing cost?  I believe my competition is charging around $180 for something like that, for portrait sessions.  That sounds reasonable. I might go cheaper.  A fully edited gallery takes many hours. What is your time worth? Pro photographers generally charge 45 dollars an hour, even if the cost is hidden in clever "Print Packages." So do the folks changing your oil or spark plugs.  We take pictures for food, clothing, shelter and new camera gear. That's our gig.  We know we won't get rich, we just love doing it.

Q - How come you don't crop many of your pictures to 3.5 Megapixels maximum and then charge crazy money for them?  It's not my style, and that Big Name Photo outfit is not dictating to me a maximum size.  If you don't buy any CD's I might, and won't that make both of us miserable.

Q - All these shots of the crowd, and showing the whole player instead of chopping him off at the waist, why do you do that?  To give you the story of the game, to show you the action going on around the player. The Sunkenbranch difference, not just a Sports Trading Card shot of one player. More stuff for you to appreciate.

Q - Why would I buy off of you compared to those other guys that we know and love and hang out with or see in school?  Did I get the shot you wanted?  Like the bouquet toss at a wedding, some people get a better shot of it than others. Sometimes I don't get that shot.  If you need a particular shot, you have to pay the successful photographer.  And you usually end up paying less with me if I got your shot, unless your Uncle Frank showed up with his expensive camera.

Q - Can I get a custom CD with multiple Galleries on it?  Perhaps, but it will cost more. What are you willing to pay and what are you after? Email me. These are compromising times.

Q - If I send you a check for the Gallery CD amount, can I do that instead of any online shopping cart? YES. And I will NOT CASH any check until I drop your CD in the mail to you.